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Hey everyone! This site is really around to act as a sort of homepage to get to my blog. I created this site and the blog for a particular class I was in, but have decided to maintain it for as long as humanly possible.

Some of the stuff you see on this page might be updated here and there, but the meat of the information available is posted on my blog. I am very interested to hear what you have to say, about any topics and I suppose you will get to know me by reading my posts. Thanks for visiting!

Random Info

I do have some favorite bands and movies and foods, but do you really care about that? Wait, it doesn't matter that much b/c I am the one posting content. No, really.
Actually, I do have many favorite things, but they do change on a daily basis, so just keep checking back.

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Ok, so above me, you can see the Television Without Pity graphic and I think that is awesome. It is one of the best sites around and I can't say enough that you should go and check it out. There will be references to that site quite often here, so I hope you like it.

BtVS--Oh how we miss you!